About us

A balanced portfolio of high quality, select service and extended stay hotels diversified by location, brand, and demand drivers.

Deep Hospitality Knowledge

Mission Hill Hospitality is a KSL Capital portfolio company launched to transform select service and extended stay hotel investing. KSL is a global leader in hospitality, travel, and leisure investing.

The Mission Hill team has decades of lodging experience, with a wide range of expertise across functions including operations, asset management, acquisitions, development, and capital markets.

Industry Advantage

Mission Hill’s approach combines the benefits of KSL’s world-class hospitality model with our seasoned team’s expertise and industry relationships enabling us to create the highest quality asset portfolio.

Value Added

Mission Hill’s value-add strategy seeks to maximize the performance of each investment while elevating guest experience. By hand-picking assets in preferred markets across the country, we avoid inherent information asymmetry and premiums associated with acquiring a portfolio. Our disciplined approach to underwriting gives us the ability to secure outsized risk adjusted returns.

Vision & Values


To build the best performing, highest quality select service and extended stay platform in the industry.


  • We are performance-oriented and passionate about hospitality. We operate at the fast pace of a start-up.
  • We know and value the power of personal relationships.
  • We treat everyone with respect, manners, service, and compassion – class combined with a healthy dose of fun.
  • We approach every opportunity with the highest degree of professionalism.
  • We were founded on the premise of humble beginnings with noble aspirations.
  • We are family friendly and recognize that everyone has important responsibilities and priorities outside of the office.

Mission Hill: More Than Just a Name – A Foundation

Mission Hill is the name of an old neighborhood in Boston that was a landing spot for generations, and like so many neighborhoods across the country, was a humble place teeming with pride and full of aspiration. Our name, Mission Hill, represents a personal connection that honors that heritage and is symbolic of the values we embrace as we create opportunities to advance. Members of our team have roots in similar communities forged over time by diverse, hard-working people seeking a better life. With values like grit, ambition, persistence, and integrity, many began their journey to success and independence from places like Mission Hill.

These values not only shape who we are as a growing company but are also reflected in the hospitality industry which often serves as the first rung on the economic ladder for millions of select service hotel employees – where every day, doors are opened for ambitious people seeking to take the first step in their own journey to the American Dream.


Mission Hill Hospitality is committed to maintaining high standards of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance as an organization and at the hotels we own. We work closely with our local operating partners and hotel staff to drive value through sustainability strategies that elevate energy efficiency, while reducing waste, emissions, and water usage through the use of new technologies and best practices.

In addition, our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion fosters a safe and supportive workplace and destination for everyone regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion or belief.

Building the best-performing select service platform

We can act and close quickly.
We are selective and diligent and stand by our offers and obligations.
We are well funded and have no financing constraints.

What we do

We seek to capitalize on the changing nature of select service and extended stay and focus on value-add and development projects in sectors and industries that are in the best position to appreciate given the current market and economic conditions.

Source & Due Diligence
  • We access broad networks to identify proprietary investment opportunities to build a high-quality asset portfolio. Our thorough and detailed process of vetting assets allows us to manage risk and optimize investment returns. Mission Hill focuses on select service properties, in attractive markets where there is potential for value-add.
  • We extract value by achieving the most efficient price point, analyzing the risk profile, and monitoring geographic and economic trends.
  • We comprehensively review cash flows, market studies, and third-party reports.
Performance Optimization
  • We strengthen cash flow by implementing active revenue management and cost savings, bringing innovative capital plans to enhance guest experience and overall property performance. This can be as easy as a simple renovation or as complex as a full repositioning.
  • We build thoughtful portfolios that benefit next stage investors. Our ability to distinguish both product and industry cycles allows us to optimize hold periods and maximize returns.


We are process-driven entrepreneurs with a passion for finding opportunities and creating value. We have been involved in acquisitions, development and finance throughout our careers.

Tom Barber
Chief Financial Officer

Tom brings decades of deep hospitality experience to Mission Hill. He served as Global Chief Development Officer of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, the largest global franchisor of hotels, where he had direct global responsibility for Sales and Design and Construction.

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Ari Bennett
Executive Administrator & Operations Coordinator

Ari serves as the firm's Executive Administrator and Operations Coordinator. She brings a diverse background in administrative support with extensive experience working with owners and CEOs in both the hospitality and technology sectors.

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Emily Brown photo
Emily Brown
Corporate Staff Accountant

Emily serves as the Corporate Staff Accountant at Mission Hill Hospitality, leveraging her solid foundation in corporate accounting. Prior to joining Mission Hill, she worked at Spectrum Retirement Communities and Mercy Housing.

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Chandler Buckner
Staff Accountant

Chandler recently joined Mission Hill Hospitality as a Staff Accountant. Prior to joining the team, he held the same position at Gap Inc., working in the Revenue Accounting department as well as Accounts Payable.

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Sharon Curreri, CPA
Director of Accounting

Sharon is an accomplished certified public accountant who has worked with companies ranging in size from startups to large publicly and privately held enterprises.

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Melanie Dolan
Executive Assistant

Melanie serves Mission Hill Hospitality as an Executive Assistant, supporting Acquisitions and Strategic Operations.

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Mark Fraioli
Managing Director

Mark’s extensive experience in select service hotels includes roles in the Investment Sales division of JLL’s Hotels & Hospitality Group, with a special emphasis on select service hotels in urban and suburban areas.

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Catherine Hance
General Counsel

Catherine Hance joined Mission Hill Hospitality in 2023 as General Counsel. In this role, she oversees Mission Hill’s legal matters and is actively involved in portfolio development and management.

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Alex Harvey
Vice President of Strategic Operations

Alex serves as Vice President of Strategic Operations and has extensive experience driving performance and maximizing value of institutional real estate.

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Julie Heiberger
Corporate Accounting Manager

Julie joined Mission Hill Hospitality in 2022 as the Corporate Accounting Manager and brings extensive experience in providing leadership for multi-entity, entrepreneurial, and dynamic environments.

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Patrick Kelly photo
Patrick Kelly
Acquisitions Associate

Patrick joined Mission Hill as an Acquisitions Associate with a background in real estate finance and hotel operations. Previously, he served as an Associate in the investments group at Blackstone Real Estate.

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Greg Kennealey
Chief Executive Officer

Greg is a former Principal and Head of Hospitality at KSL Capital Partners, a global leader in hospitality, travel, and leisure investing.

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Alexander Krantz
Vice President of Accounting & Corporate Finance

Alexander is the Mission Hill Hospitality Vice President of Accounting & Corporate Finance where he oversees the firm's accounting/finance department.

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Seonju Lawrence
Vice President of Revenue Strategy

Seonju brings extensive experience and knowledge in hotel revenue management as a Vice President of Revenue Strategy at Mission Hill Hospitality.

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Cecilia Lorenz, CPA
Corporate Accounting Supervisor

Cecilia serves Mission Hill Hospitality as Corporate Accounting Supervisor. Prior to joining Mission Hill, Cecilia worked at The Siegfried Group, providing interim financial assistance to companies during critical times of need.

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Sam Makani
Vice President of Strategic Operations

Sam's professional experience has been exclusively focused on hospitality real estate, including acquisitions, asset management, development, and portfolio strategy, both domestically and internationally.

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Tyler Olson
Accounting Manager

Tyler joined Mission Hill Hospitality as Accounting Manager. Tyler was most recently the Controller at Gart Properties, a retail private equity firm in Denver.

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Deisy Ruiz, CPA
Hotel Accounting Supervisor

Deisy is Mission Hill Hospitality's Hotel Accounting Supervisor. Prior to joining Mission Hill Hospitality, Deisy was a Senior Associate in the Asset & Wealth Management and Banking & Capital groups at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

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Trevor Schmitt
Acquisitions Associate

Trevor brings strong finance experience to his role as an Acquisitions Associate. Before joining Mission Hill, Trevor was an Associate with H.I.G. Capital, where he focused on growth stage investments in technology, consumer, and healthcare businesses.

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Conley Street
Acquisitions Associate

Conley joined Mission Hill as an Acquisitions Associate with a strong background in real estate and finance. Previously he served as an associate with Jefferies Real Estate, Gaming and Lodging investment banking group, where he participated in numerous M&A advisory and capital markets transactions.

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Stefan Thompson photo
Stefan Thompson
Accounts Payable Specialist

Stefan serves as an Accounts Payable Specialist at Mission Hill Hospitality. Before this, he was a fund accountant at SS&C ALPS Advisors. Stefan had also previously worked with the City and County of Denver, Paychex and Experis.

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Mike Wilbert
Senior Managing Director & Head of Acquisitions

Mike's career has been focused on the hospitality market. He served as Senior Vice President with Tishman Hotels, based in New York and Orlando.

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Mission Hill Hospitality is a fast-growing, high-energy real estate private equity company seeking talented individuals who share in our passion for the hospitality industry. Current openings include:

Not currently hiring.


  • 50 S Steele St
  • Suite 200
  • Denver, CO 80209